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The Power of Positive Thinking is one of the most popular and best-selling self-development books in the world. The author of this book is Norman Vincent Pail, one of the most successful development writers and speakers of the last century.

In his 301-page book Power of Positive Thinking, the author shows how people can be successful and happy in life through positive thinking. He also discusses ways to think positively.
The book has been widely discussed since its publication in 1952. Only by changing one’s thinking can one make one’s life positive and successful – many have realized through this book. Reading this book has brought positive changes in the lives of many.

We have prepared a book review of The Power of Positive Thinking so that you too can make your life more successful by applying the teachings and philosophies of this book.

A look at the author:

Before we get into the details of the original book, let’s take a brief look at the author Norman Vincent Pail.
Norman Vincent Pail was an American religious speaker. The idea of ​​making life beautiful through positive thinking became known and popular through him. When he thinks about religious matters, he realizes that people’s thoughts have a far greater effect on his life than he imagined. – If a man cannot believe, he cannot achieve. Attempts come mainly from faith.

If a bad person believes that he cannot be good even if he wants to, he will not try to be good. Even worse, if a person believes that it is still possible for him to be good – he will try to be good. And this effort may one day make him a better person.
A famous quote from Norman Vincent Pail reveals his original philosophy:
“It simply came to our notice then. I’m sorry I didn’t find it at a young age. This is my biggest discovery since my relationship with God. The rule is very simple: if one thinks negatively, the result will be negative. And if one thinks positively, the result will be positive. This is a very common issue. But this is again the biggest condition for success and improvement in life. Believe and succeed. ”

Norman’s whole life was spent spreading this philosophy among the people. And his philosophy is fulfilled in his book “The Power of Positive Thinking”. He has written a great guide to remove fear, doubt, apprehension, and negativity from the mind. Even after so many years of his death, it is helping people to live a beautiful life free from negativity.

What is Positive Thinking?

When it comes to defining positive thinking, the author says – “Instead of defining positive thinking, I want to define positive thinking people. That would be easy. A positive thinker is a person who sees negative or bad things. But he always remembers that he can do something good by tackling these negative issues on his own. ”
Note one thing here: The author does not say that a positive thinker avoids negative or bad things, or does not think about them. He acknowledges their existence. But he also believes that he can do something good by dealing with these negative issues or events.

Those who think that positive thinking means turning a blind eye to negative things – are wrong. Avoiding negative things completely will only increase the danger. If you want to be a positive thinker, you have to be able to deal with negative things and deal with them with positive thoughts and actions.

The Power of Positive Thinking Book Review:

The book The Power of Positive Thinking is divided into 10 chapters. In these chapters, the author describes step by step how positive thinking makes human life beautiful, and how it can be put to good use. Let us summarize the main points of each of the chapters:

01. Believe in yourself

Believing in oneself means the author has to believe in one’s own merits. If you do not know or do not know – there is nothing to be disappointed. You believe you have the ability to learn. Learn, if you learn, the qualification for the job will also become yours.
The author says that it is not possible to be successful and happy without believing in one’s own merits. Self-confidence gives people the courage to hope. Based on self-confidence and hope, a very poor person can become very rich; A weak man can win many great victories; A foolish man can gain great knowledge.

If you have true faith in your abilities, no negative situation can upset or weaken you. So, always believe in your own merits. No matter what situation you find yourself in – believe me you can deal with it. Then you will see that many paths are opening up in front.

02. Peace of mind will make you stronger

The author says that many real problems of man are the result of his thoughts. For this reason, the mind must be freed from negative thoughts. The author says – it is a good way to talk about your troubles to faithful people. When you share your sorrows and fears with the people close to you, your mind becomes much lighter. The negative thoughts that keep us under control affect our minds more. So if you have any negative or depressing thoughts, open your mind to your parents, spouse, or close friend.

03. How to hold energy

In this chapter, the author says that the feelings of our mind have a direct effect on our bodies. If you think you are weak – then your body will get tired quickly at work. And if you think you can do a lot of hard work, your body will respond the same way. To strengthen the mind to make the body strong. Tell yourself all the time, you are strong and hardworking. You will also find that your body can work harder, and not get tired faster.

04. The power of prayer

In this chapter, the author cites the example of physicians, who often use “prayer therapy” for their physical well-being.
Prayer and faith in the Creator bring a different kind of peace to the human mind. When all sides are dark, faith and prayer give people the courage to hope anew.

The same thing has happened with Miracle Morning, another best-selling self-development book of the present day. If one begins the day by praying and thanking the Creator – he spends much of his day in peace.

05. How to create happiness in yourself

The author says, do not rely on any other person for the happiness of your mind. Who cares about you – don’t worry about it. If we are satisfied with ourselves, then no person or situation can stop us from being happy. Something else is there, but you don’t have it – so never get upset. Many do not have what you have. Every human being in the world is unique. And everyone has qualities and qualities that no one else has.

Don’t worry too much about what other people think of you. Just don’t hurt anyone. Don’t let the comments of others ruin your confidence and peace of mind without expecting anything in return. Focus on your work at all times. Focus on improving your knowledge and skills. Then you will see that a feeling of peace is being created in yourself.

06. Don’t be restless

Some people become a little restless. Become restless or sick with anxiety before it happens. With one month left in the exam, many people become restless due to the tension of the exam. It does not read properly. Many people get nervous before going to the interview. As a result, the interview is not given properly.

There is no point in worrying about what has not happened. Keep a cool head before any important work, and prepare as best you can. Giving time to preparation instead of tension creates a positive effect in the mind. And the results of the work are positive.

07. Expect the best and work for it

In this chapter, the author tells the story of a young man who failed in all his endeavors. No one understood the reason for his failure. Because he had it all. He was born into an influential family. His education was of very high quality. He had great communication everywhere. But even then he could not succeed in anything. Whatever he was doing was wasted. After many attempts, he could not succeed. At one point while trying, he realized the reason for his failure. And realizing that, his life changed. Eventually, he found success. His disposition also began to change considerably.

When the writer asked the young man the reason for his success and the sudden change in his personality, the young man replied: One very simple thing changed his life. The thing is faith. Faith works like magic, he said. If someone believes bad things will happen to him, then most of the time bad things will happen to him. And if you believe in the good, the good happens.

In The Power of Positive Thinking, the author says it’s not magic. When a person goes to work hoping for the best, his behavior is positive. She works with a lot of confidence, and others like her too. We should not focus on doubts and apprehensions but hopes and possibilities. Only then will our behavior and the results of our work change.

08. Don’t believe in losing

The author says that true positive thinkers do not believe in defeat. If a person assumes after an incident that he has been defeated – then he will not try again.

Whenever a person accepts defeat, he fails. But if he tries again and again without accepting defeat – he has a chance to win. If a person believes that there is no such thing as defeat – he will always try to win from the positive.

09. Fear is a habit

As the author discusses in this chapter of The Power of Positive Thinking, fear is a human emotion. It has become a human habit for a long time due to fear. People are unnecessarily afraid of reason. The author says that people are not born with this habit. Gradually this habit develops as one goes through different situations. And just like any other habit, it is possible to get rid of this habit. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl. And try to do that little by little. Even if you are afraid, try to start working without paying attention to the fear. Gradually the fear will go away from the mind.

10. Solve your problems

Positive thinkers try to solve any problem by themselves first. When a problem arises, the first thing a positive thinker thinks is, what can he do about it?

When you ask yourself, “What can I do about it?” – then your brain will start working to find a solution to the problem. And if you think, “I don’t think so” – then your brain will stop looking for solutions.

One of the key aspects of positive thinking is to think in a way that activates the brain. Remember all the time, if there is a problem, there will be a solution. There is no problem in the world without a solution. Some solutions may be very simple, some may be difficult. But the solution is right. And if a person believes that he can solve a problem – then his brain somehow finds the solution.

If you can think of it this way, no problem can hold you back.

In the book The Power of Positive Thinking, the author repeatedly emphasizes that positive thinking and belief lead people to a positive reality. The habit of thinking positively will give you the confidence to set big goals and work towards achieving them.

Through this book review, we have tried to give you some ideas to stay positive in daily life. The author says that if you follow the techniques of the book, you will have peace of mind, physical well-being, and energy. The negatives of daily life cannot weaken or hold you back. As a result, you will gradually move towards your desired success every day.

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