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This Rocker Napper is suitable for newborns to 1-year-olds. Rocker Napper has toys for children at this age who want to play and move their arms and legs. With which the child will be busy. This Rocker Napper seat is very comfortable. If you want, you can keep the baby recline or lie down.
Usually, when the baby is carried on the lap, the baby can disturb your work in many ways, but with the help of this Rocker Napper you can get your work done while keeping your baby with you. It is more popular and you will find many new innovations here. Here you can find shelter from the sun. You have 3 reclining positions and soothing movements. You can change from playing to napping position just one CLICK! This Rocker Napper will ensure the safety of your  baby anywhere on the go.

Tiny Love Cozy Rocker Napper is suitable for carrying a baby load up to 40lb / 16kg.
Age range from 0 to 12 months.

1 to 3 months of age:

This time is important for the development of the baby. Let your child enjoy the gentle swing of a 3-in-1 rocker napkin while looking at an electronic musical toy. This time he will look and become curious.

At 3 to 6 months of age:

Move the Rocker Napper’s hanging electronic toy at a suitable distance from the baby’s hand so that he can hit the toy when he raises his hand or, later, easily grasp it. It will help in his physical and mental development.


Between 1 and 6 months of age:

About one-fifth of all babies suffer from colic. The vibrating movements of the 3-in-1 rocker napper can help children’s immature digestive system and reduce their discomfort. You need to let them play this time and change their sitting or sleeping position from time to time.

9+ months of age: By 9 months, the baby should be allowed to get up from the rocker seat and try to stand or walk. At this time the child is old enough to enjoy free movement.









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