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Golf Hitting Mats are essential for practicing golf anywhere indoors or outdoors. It is being used to enjoy small-scale golf at picnics and events. The need for Golf Hitting Mats has increased as it takes up very little space to play and is as enjoyable as playing golf.


  • Beautiful design that is durable with what looks like real grass. Made suitable for long-term practice.
    This Golf Hitting mat is getting 5mm MAT THICKNESS. Which is made by imitating real grass. So you can use it with ease. 



  • Its size is 5 ‘x 3’. Golf Hitting Mats are designed with right-Golf Hitting Matshanded and left-handed players in mind. Both types of players can play equally in their comfort zone. There are also 6 different teeing positions.
  • And 3 RUBBER TEES. It is 1.5 ”tee that allows the use of a wood tee at however height, and 2.25” also 3.5 ”tees provide options for the common driver tee height.

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