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Choosing the best camera for you and your budget can be challenging. There are several different types of cameras to pick from. In this guide, we’ll help you find the top cameras for you. All these are best camera for YouTubers.

Canon T7

The first camera on our list is the Canon T7 and it is also known as the world’s best-selling DSLR camera. Why? Because it has an amazing 24-megapixel sensor, amazing can

on colors great autofocus for photos & It’s extremely affordable. this is the camera I recommended to most beginners that are just starting photo & video. as per photos, it does five frames per second with continuous autofocus in full

RAW at this really impressive price point. this camera is suited for the fashion portrait lifestyle basically anything that doesn’t have a lot of movement. I would not use this camera for sports or action. In terms of video, it does full HD at 24 & 30 frames per second with 60 frames per second at 720p. Unfortunately, they don’t have 60 frames per second in full HD but at this price point, I am not that upset.

when it comes to autofocus in this camera for photos it is fabulous but with video, it does tend to struggle. it cannot track objects or faces. I would use this camera in manual focus when it comes to video.

However what makes this camera a great buy are actually the canon colors. These colors looks great right out of the camera & you Don’t need that much editing to get a beautiful image. So if You’re a beginner I recommended getting a Canon camera because you’re going to save a ton of time and you’re going to get break work right from the start design-wise It’s a really good camera.

However, there’re a few things I Don’t like about this camera for example it Doesn’t have any digital stabilization, Doesn’t have a flip screen & external audio jack. But these are probably things I wouldn’t need if I’m shooting photos. This camera gives you everything a proper Photo DSLR. The Canon T7 is a really good choice for beginners for photos but It’s probably not best for video if You’re looking to do video.

Nikon D3500

Next up We have the “Nikon D3500“. It’s a slightly more advanced photo camera & has a lot of what the Canon T7 was missing. The D3500 has a 24-megapixel sensor with a powerful raw codec plus fantastic photo autofocus & pretty decent video autofocus. This camera is pretty decent & low light you get 3200 iso clean which is not very common for an entry-level camera. As for photos it does five frames per second in continuous autofocus however that’s the same as the Canon T7 but the Nikon does not have the same great colors as the canon camera so It’s kind of a letdown in this department. However, the raw codec Nikon camera is much more powerful than the canon raw codec & you can push the colors & the image overall much further in Photoshop & lightroom for video it does full HD at 24 30 & 60 frames per second which is something that was missing from the Canon T7. The autofocus for video is still just decent but It’s a whole lot better than the canon t7 in case you were trying to compare the two design-wise It’s a well-built camera with a great layout plus a really solid battery. This camera would be acceptable to do professional work with & this camera has all the shortcut buttons that I would normally expect to find on my professional DSLR which makes it extremely easy to use sadly this camera still doesn’t have an audio jack or a flip-out screen. However, it does have a built-in guide mode that teaches you how to use this camera & teaches you how to do good photography. It’s really helpful for the beginner that wants a little bit more horsepower in their starter camera.

Sony A6000

Next, we have the Sony A6000 & its older brother the Sony A6100. They’re still beginner’s cameras but both of these cameras have a ton of horsepower at a very affordable price point. Both cameras have a 24-megapixel sensor & blazing fast autofocus for Both photos & videos. The A6000 does a whopping 10 frames per second while A6100 does 11 frames per second. Both cameras are pretty comparable in power but the A6100 has a few extra bells & whistles. Both cameras have a powerful raw codec the A6000 does 12 bit raw while A6100 does 14 bit raw, it may not seem like a lot but 14 bit raw is more powerful than 12 bit raw. The A6000 gives you full HD up to 60 frames per second & if you set up a flat profile you can color grade this camera pretty easily the A6100 blows the composition away with 4k at both 24 & 30 frames per second & full HD up to 120 frames per second. At this price point, these spaces are insane. The A6000 has pretty standard colors right out of the camera. It has the updated sony Venice color science. Both cameras are well made nice & Compact & well designed. The one thing that is missing from Both cameras is the lack of microphone input, it would have nice to see these cameras because they’re both are really good video cameras. The A6000 has a pretty decent tilt screen for high & low shots & the A6100 has a full flip-up screen that allows you to see yourself this is a nice addition. Both cameras are well priced with a ton of horsepower & raw speed.

Canon SL2

The next camera is Canon SL2. It’s a slightly older camera but it is still a fantastic value as a beginner. It has a 24-megapixel sensor & it does the standards 5 frames per second in full raw with continuous autofocus but where this camera shines is the video if you wanted something like the Canon T7 but with all the bells & whistle for video, this camera is for you. It does full HD at 24 30 & 60 frames per second with dual pixels autofocus which is a fantastic autofocusing system, especially for video.  Also, it has digital stabilization which makes a difference when it comes to shooting video sadly SL2 does not have 4k. The Canon SL3 which is the update to the Canon SL2 does have 4k. However, I Don’t think that camera is worth the money & 4k doesn’t good. The dual pixels autofocus in the Canon camera does a fantastic job with photos and videos. When it comes to design It’s pretty much the same as most Canon DSLRs. It’s well made, well designed, the ergonomics are great you really can’t go wrong with a Canon camera. The two things I loved about this camera were a flip screen for high & low angle shots & being able to see yourself & plus an external microphone input for better audio. These two things make this such a good video camera is of great value. This camera has you covered the Canon SL2 is an ideal camera for beginners mainly looking to do video. The Sony cameras do have better specs. However, I prefer the colors coming out of a Canon camera & if it came down to it I would pick a Canon camera because of the colors over a sony camera.

DJI Pocket Osmo

The last camera on the list is DJI Pocket Osmo. It’s for someone that wants to take their filmmaking to the next level. This camera is truly interesting, unique in that it has a 3-axis built-in gyroscopically stabilized gimbal which is a fancy way of saying that this camera gives completely smooth motion that’s similar to a Cinematic film. Specs-wise it has a 12-megapixel sensor but despite the small DJI has done a great job, giving you great value for your money. It does 4k at 60 frames per second & 120 frames per second in full HD also it has a built-in flat profile so you can professionally color grade your footage. Design-wise this camera is super small & compact & it only has an LCD & a record button. Sadly this camera doesn’t have a built-in audio jack. Overall I think this camera is the fantastic value you get a camera, a stabilizer & an editing software all in one & if You’re beginner You’re going to get fantastic footage from the beginning because everything will look smooth & Cinematic.

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