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The 5 second rule book is a popular self-development book worldwide.

Have you ever felt that you were not on the right track? Do you need to be more active? Aren’t you working on time?
Has it ever happened that you think every day that you will work from time to time, and don’t waste time on bad things – but still nothing is happening?

Do you sometimes get angry with yourself? Can’t understand everything and do the right thing?
If you’ve ever been in a situation like this, you have a lot in common with Mel Robbins, the author of the 5-second rule book. And if you want, you can turn the corner of your life by following the method discovered by him.

And to help you along the way, today we’ve come up with a book review of The 5 Seconds Rule.
The scope of the book is huge. And the author discusses almost every aspect of life here. Although we try to keep the book review as short as possible, it is not a very short article. But if you can read the book review with patience, then maybe you will be able to realize life in a new way, maybe you will go a little closer to fulfilling your dreams. Let’s get started then.

5 Second Rule Book Review:

5 secend rule
The 5 second rule for whom?

The 5 second rule is actually for everyone. In her book, the author offers a unique way of overcoming dilemmas, doubts, self-confidence, uncertainty, fear, procrastination, etc. in every field of life.

Author Mel Robbins primarily seeks to protect readers’ physical and mental health, improve productivity, and save them from the curse of wasting time or laziness. And over the years, the book has changed the lives of thousands of people positively.
But the great thing about the 5-second rule is that this method is simple. Many times you don’t want to believe, how can it be possible to solve such big problems of life so easily. Only 5 to 1 can solve many big problems.

Can’t believe it? – Not normal. But if you read the book review, I hope the matter will be clear to you. Then you can understand its effectiveness only if you practice it yourself.

About the author

If a person sees after 40 years of his life that the work he has done for so long, the world he has built so slowly – is being reduced to dust in front of his eyes – how should he feel?

Mel and her husband became entangled in a debt trap after investing all their money and resources in the restaurant business. Besides investing all their money, they also took loans from relatives and friends.

When her husband would leave the house every morning in search of money, Robbins would have to deal with phone calls and threats from creditors. In an interview, Mail described the situation at that time with his eyes closed.

At one point he realized he wasn’t doing anything. As life goes on, he is also floating with her. He often thought of doing different things to change his condition. But he would lie down, or sit down – take no action.
At one point he discovered this 5-second rule. And from then on his life began to change. Today, he has turned his back on himself and his family, as well as through his lectures and books. Millions of dollars in his bank account today, even after all the loans have been repaid. Mel Robbins, 50, is happily spending time in Boston with her husband and three children. And regularly giving lectures and coaching to change the lives of others.

What is the 5-second rule?

It is actually ‘doing the work of courage’. Everyone is afraid. Overcoming fear and doing the right thing is a sign of courage.

Defining courage, the author says: “It is the courage to take the initiative to do the hard work despite the fear. Sharing one’s ideas, speaking the truth, doing something even when it seems impossible. It even takes courage to wake up in the morning without a good night’s sleep. ”

According to Mel Robbins, if you think of doing something, if you can’t start it in 5 seconds, your brain will try to stop you from doing it. Various excuses are made in my mind.

The author says, “If you think of an urgent task, which is a little difficult, you need to move 5-5-3-2-1 immediately to get the job done – otherwise your brain will stop you most of the time.”

To give an example, Robbins says to exercise, you know you need to exercise now, but you are not in the mood. You need to count from 5 to 1 in this case. Then you need to get out of that situation and start exercising or walking to the gym. No thought can be given. Once you start working, the brain will no longer want to stop you but will begin to help you get the job done.

The design of the human brain is such that it wants to save people from suffering. But in many cases, if you do not suffer, there is a possibility of greater suffering.


A motivation
According to Robbins, there is a problem with over-motivation. Many people think that they cannot start work without proper motivation. It’s a myth. Starting work may be the biggest motivation.

Often we are not interested in the things that are important to do. For many, getting up in the morning to exercise, to pray, to read – these are hard work. Many cannot be made to do this even with a lot of motivation. But they know it is important for them to do these things.
In these cases, if they practice these tasks for a while using the 5-second rule, then these tasks will become their habit. That is, they do not need separate motivation. This habit will work for motivation.
Mel Robbins says, “One of the main reasons why people become stronger when they practice the 5 second rule is that it will turn you into a person who is more interested in working than others.” Excessive thinking is a waste of energy – you can use it. ”

Earlier you might have rolled over in bed for a while more after waking up in the morning. But after getting used to the 5 second rule, you can go to work as soon as you wake up.

Quickly turning thoughts into action is the biggest way for people to succeed. It is very important to turn words or thoughts into action to increase self-confidence and courage.


How and where to use the 5 second rule?


“To use the 5 second rule, you need to take two very simple steps,” said Mel Robbins.

Whenever you think of something you need to do, or a need to do something – multiply it by 5 to 1, and start working with 1.

You may have less courage to speak in front of people. You can’t say important things in a meeting or a place like this. Because you think that maybe not everyone will take it the way you think. Or there is no need to talk to others. – All this is an excuse created by the brain.

In this case, you multiply any useful word in your head from 5 to 1 and then say the word. After 1 count go straight to the action. Don’t waste time. You will see that there is no problem with speaking. Your courage and self-confidence will continue to grow day by day.

Suppose again, you are gaining weight. You need to get up every morning and exercise. But getting up in the morning is lazy. In this case, get up with 5 to 1 count and go straight to exercise. Once you get used to it, you don’t have to give up on laziness. The 5 second rule is also great as a way to overcome laziness.
It can also be a great way to get rid of laziness. Leaving this work or slackening has ended the lives of many potential and talented people.asad

You may want to pray on time. But after giving Azan, now I read, then every time I read, I miss the prayers. If you go for ablution or prayers as soon as the call to prayer is made, or as soon as you think of praying, count from 5 to 1 – then no more time will be wasted.

Working on time is essential for success in any field of life. And 5 seconds rule may be the ideal way for you to practice this.

It is best to schedule daily work the day before. Whenever the time comes for that work – then start working 5-4-3-2-1.

Robbins said: “There are many urgent tasks that you will never want to do, but if you do not do, you will be left behind. Even life can be unhappy. In particular, the brain makes more excuses for these tasks. Attack him 5-1 in front of any such work. Then your brain will be forced to focus on work instead of focusing on excuses. ”

How to get started?

The author says to practice this “wake up the challenge” first to get used to this habit. Set the alarm 30 minutes before your regular waking time. Multiply 5 to 1 as soon as you hear the alarm, and get out of bed with 1 count. Don’t be late for a second.
Also, whenever you get nervous or negative thought comes to your mind, start thinking of a good one by counting from 5 to 1. Think about what you do to get more nervous, or negative thoughts.

List these tasks and start doing the relatively simple tasks by following the 5 second rule.

If you practice in this way, your self-confidence and the habit of working on time will be absorbed very well. And the course of your life can change.


For success in any field of life, there is no substitute for working on time and overcoming fear, and moving forward with courage and confidence. If we can do it even if we are not in the mood to do any urgent things, then our life can be much more successful.

And the 5 second rule may be an ideal way to do this. This is just a small effort to help you understand and use it.

This article or section needs sources or references that appear incredible, third-party publications.

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